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The Spiritual Lives of Your Pets - Sept 1, 2017 12-5pm at SeaGrape Bath + Body

Often we think about the love and companionship our animals bring us, but we sometimes forget to think about our roles in their lives. That we may be playing an important role in their deep inner lives beyond walks, pets, and dinner. That they are our great teachers, and that we too are teachers to them. What roles are we playing in their spiritual path and what does that look like for them? How can we best support them on this journey of their life, and what might we need to know to help them with their callings? 

Through Animal Communication your animals telepathically send me images, words, and pictures which I translate to you to help foster a better understanding between you and your animals. This can be helpful to learn about an animals backstory, their likes and dislikes, as well as figuring out why they do what they do!

In this special 15 minute reading you can learn more about your pet and how to support them, while also learning what in your relationship together is supporting their spiritual journey. 


Sliding scale $10-30

Please bring a printed out image of your pet where their face is visible and clear. 

One reading per pet. For multiple pets please book appointments for each pet. 


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