Charms are a very powerful and simple way to hold magic in your spaces. Made with intention and intuition, a charm can help you stay connected to an intention you've set or help hold a boundary of protection around your home or work space. Each tree and plant hold a different energy and gift, and through charms we can work to weave those elements together to create a personalized and deeply powerful tool.

I work with people and their intentions to create custom charms for them that are specific to their needs and wishes. The process of creating a charm is like unweaving a puzzle. I work through trance and grounding to find the right elements, guardians, and allies that work with you to co-create the charm for you, wether it's for protection, love, finding your heart's desire, grounding, personal boundaries, clearing, or reconnecting to yourself in a deeper way. 

I will Priestess a 30 minute trance with you to discover what specific allies and energies are showing up for you around this charm. This process creates a more comprehensive charm that combines our magical information about what is needed for the charm.  I start checking in with your guides and build an altar about an hour before our session. For this reason I ask for 24 hours notice about changes in our appointment.

Charm work is pay what you will. This work is my offering. For folks who like to have some guide to what that means, people usually pay between $50-125. Again, this is an offering and please pay what works for you.

For all the charms I respectfully gather materials and make offerings in exchange specifically for your charm.